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Polymer Testing & Consultancy Services

By providing insight into polymer molecular architecture, morphology, chain branching, anisotropic microstructure development, temperature dependence, degradation and stability, elasticity, batch to batch variation, materials selection, matching the material to the process, die design, material modelling, data input for process simulation, effect of filler type, size, size distribution & aspect ratio.......test it, understand it, solve the problem!
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The Melt Mass-Flow Rate is a one number indication of the viscosity of a polymer in the melt phase. It is defined as the mass of polymer in grams flowing per 10 minutes through a capillary of specific diameter and length by a pressure applied via a range of standard weights at specified temperature.
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Why Flow Simulation?
The simulation of polymer flow processes is extremely important because it allows us the opportunity to eliminate the need for costly trials using real materials and real people on real plant.
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Impact testing today constitutes an important end product and fit for purpose test.

Following manufacture many products will experience some form of service impact specific to their environment, it is the aim of the impact tester to replicate these service impacts in order to assess their fitness for purpose.
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Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is widely used to characterise the thermophysical properties of polymers. DSC can measure important thermoplastic properties including: Melting temperature, Heat of melting, Percent crystallinity, Tg or softening, Crystallisation, Presence of recyclates/regrinds, Plasticizers, Polymer blends (presence, composition and compatibility).
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